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These Groups work toghether with Stark Industries to attain our mutual goal of Making The World A Better Place Thought Technology
:iconstarkexpo: StarkExpo A Place To Do The Impossible :iconthe-tony-stark-verse: The-Tony-Stark-Verse :iconsuper-heroes: Super-heroes Super-Heroes :iconreal-iron-man-fans: real-iron-man-fans Not Born! BUILT. :iconiron-man-fans: Iron-Man-Fans :icontonyjarvis: TonyJarvis :icontheavengerinitiative: TheAvengerInitiative Saving The Future Today :iconblob-cartel: Blob-Cartel Size Does Matter! :iconscifi-fanatics: Scifi-Fanatics Scifi Entertainment Fanatics :iconourmeninarmor: OurMenInArmor Heros need to be bulletproof :iconsci-fi-archives: SCI-FI-Archives Sci-fi Archives :iconheroescorner: HeroesCorner A Hero In Every Corner :iconwesker-s-v-i-p-s: Wesker-s-V-I-P-S Perfection at its best :iconarmored-o-holic: Armored-o-holic Armored Obsession ! :icongrouple: Grouple Group searching made simple. :iconrobertdowneyjrfc: RobertDowneyJrFC We have a Hulk. :iconenterifyoudare: EnterIfYouDare Submit anything you please. :iconclub-superhero: Club-Superhero SuperHero HQ :iconiron-man-anime: Iron-Man-Anime :iconall-welcome: All-welcome :iconour-best-friend-gang: Our-Best-Friend-Gang :iconall-ais: All-AIs :iconsic-fi-lineart: Sic-Fi-LineArt Sick Sci-Fi and Comic Lineart :iconassemble-rp: Assemble-RP :iconanti-sopa-group: ANTI-SOPA-GROUP STOP SOPA, ACTA AND PIPA! :iconthe-marvel-universe: The-Marvel-Universe :iconreboot-freedom: Reboot-Freedom [this is your life, uncensored] :iconthelegionnaire-fc: TheLegionnaire-FC :iconearth-1326: Earth-1326 :iconlittleboyinironsuit: LittleBoyInIronSuit tony stark iron man avengers



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Welcome to Stark Industries (SIA) - Anoucements

Our Group's Purpose

StarkIndustriesSIA was created as a fan group, but not just one Iron Man fangroup, but also a tech fangroup. It's intented to be a place for minds to share there knolwege, and to have fun contacting with IM fans and other techies. Also, it was created to mimic the "original" Stark Industries. But unfortunantly, most people ignore this and don't submit antything to the Tech designs folder. So, as you can see, it's not just a fangroup. It's a fangroup created in the same spirit that Tony Stark's Stark Industries. A place to imagine the future.

Alex Stark,
CEO of the Stark Industries (SIA) Deviantart Group

Planning to submit an aplication to join Stark Industries? Read this first
Stark Industries Chatroom:…
Stark Industries Forum


Welcome to a group destined to be a place to gather Art ilustrating our favorite characters (Original Characters included), tecnologies and events related to the Iron Man universe... Or plain cool tech, such as weapons, mecha and planes, or even new interfaces to customise your computer!

The only rules here are:
1 - No bashing anyone's Art or points of view...
2 - To join, post a coment asking.
3 - Submit Art as you wish.
4 - Contest related post must be posted on the journal entry.
5 - 'Ponyfied' versions of Iron Man characters or any other type of Ponyfied artwork ARE NOT ALLOWED.
6 - Enjoy
7 - Have fun!!!

If anyone has problems in submitting stuff (since I've been receiving some complaints about it), just send me a note with what you want to submit that Stark Industries' staff take care of the rest...

Also, there is no obigatory submission of art in here...but it would be nice if the contest gets a little attention...

Alex Stark,
CEO of the Stark Industries (SIA) Deviantart Group







Hey...Lirtista again. If you would like to rp with my friend, EpitaphOfTwilightCe, this is what she's looking for. If you're interested, please send her a note.

Will take place after IRONMAN 3
Looking for someone to play as the people Listed in CAPS

Tony Stark[ME] / HAWKEYE
Tony Stark[ME] / YOUR OC
Tony Stark [ME]/ LOKI
Tony Stark [ME]/ THOR
Tony Stark [ME]/ STEVE
Tony Stark [ME]/ NATASHA

Role plays on
Skype[ if you have Msn/Hotmail/ or Live messenger you can sign in the same login in on Skype now]
Yahoo messenger
{Do not rp on email or notes…why is that I never really check my email unless I have too and I notes I never can keep I'm sorry}

Doesn't rp with someone under the age of 18 out of habit…old safety habits

Rp Idea
it is starts out with a character death or Brake Up With Pepper Potts…

Character death version
On their anniversary of being together as a couple….Pepper is Killed in a terrible car wreck and this just kills Tony. It Leaves Tony man who just had his heart fixed in million pieces. The Avengers find out and one of them or a oc will be left to pick tony up form a downfall he starts to go through.. they will bring him the happiness that Pepper would want Tony to have if something would happen to her….
My oc here is going be from Kentucky. She is tall, smart, pig head and much Tony is going to have to deal with. But what he to realize is this woman will show him that he is allowed to be happy and her little girl is going to help him with that..

Beark-Up Version
My oc- After a while Pepper can't deal with Tony putting himself in danger anymore.. so she breaks up with him and this causes him to look for a new PA to help him around the tower and keep in touch with Pepper since she will still be running the company. My oc here is going be from Kentucky. She is tall, smart, pig head and much Tony is going to have to deal with. But what he to realize is this woman will show him that he is allowed to be happy and her little girl is going to help him with that...

Avenger- Tony works himself to death day in and day out…he doesn't want to deal with anyone...So Fury sends someone to deal with tony and see if they can get him to open up to one of them and if he wants back on the team he needs to do so.

Loki- Tony is dealing with not being with Pepper with good Old Thor pops in with Loki in tow. Loki's power are sealed into the bracelets he is wearing and they won't brake until he learns from his mistake…so Thor thinks Loki can help Tony and Tony can help his Brother…
Submit your IM3 Review to our group, and you'll get it displayed on the Group's Journal for an absurd amout of time [And, in a typicaly Stark way, that can range from 2 weeks to 6 months.]

Your CEO,
Alexander Stark
Hey all...It's me, Lirtista :) A friend of mine, EpitaphOfTwilightCe,  is looking for someone to do an Iron Man RP with, and these are her requirements...If you would like to RP with her, please send her a note and let her know!

Looking For A Tony Stark

Rping on msn or Yahoo Messenger
dont really rp with anyone under the any of 18

The idea is to take place after the Avengers movie were tony is talking about cleaning enegry. so he has a Expo to tell everyone about what he is going to do and among other things (which you can make up). He is Also having a Contest were a few people who are in Collage or Graduated Collage.
That's were my Oc Got selected to be in this contest but her School as one of the bright Grads who they thought would win. So she built a Robot that has her AI called Vincent. ( this is what the Robot looks like… minus the weapons of corse). whats funny is she is running late because she had to work and end up running into tony along the way. from there we work together to make up ideas... on yea she ends up like him with a suit....i will explain later on that.

PS: will play another Avenger if you want to bring in your OC or Canon Person.


epitaphoftwilightce.deviantart… [her Info]
To all of you intrested in Quantum Physics, the mechanics of the Universe..... for all of those us out there that know how the word "fiction" is outrageous non-sense! For those who dream to change this world to a better one and to make it a peacefull place instead of one torn apart by war, conflit and hunger.

To All of you who see a story book not like what Society tells you that it is.....this group is for you:


To join, one needs to ask in the comments.
So....go ahead. Don't be shy!
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